Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 23, 1910


My dear Alice

I have been here at Mrs Bowen's since Friday and am walking all about [two] rooms, [although] as yet I am allowed no stairs. I am doing very well they all say, [although] the wound is still not healed enough to allow much freedom of action.

I am very grateful for the [page 2] Stevenson which I have enjoyed very much, it was about the right size for my first reading. Miss Landsberg wrote to Laura for me last week, so that they are informed at Cedarville and I have been meaning to write to you but it is only today that my hand has seemed steady. When are you coming back, and can't you come via Chicago. They say I can't do much before Feby 15th! [page 3] I still have my nurse who is quite a charming person and am really as comfortable as anyone could be.

With my best love to you and to Marcet [when you write], I am Always your loving sister Jane Addams

Jany 23d 1910