Notes on visit to China, ca. May 1923 (excerpt)


In Penang, Singapore and [Hong Kong] there are no proper Settlements but there are individuals in each of these towns who have taken much interest in child [labor] problems.

Canton. In Canton Dr. Cadbury at the Canton College is keenly alive to social problems and Mr. Wood, brother of H. G. Wood, director of studies at the Woodbrook Settlement, Birmingham, is at the College and interesting himself in social service.

Shanghai. At Shanghai the Y.M.C.A. has thrown itself heartily into the campaign for the restriction of child [labor] in the silk weaving filatures. I visited many of these factories with Dr. Tsu of St. John's College, Shanghai, and was tremendously impressed with the need for reform. Small boys and girls, under ten years of age, are working in the hot, damp atmosphere of these factories for 12 and even 14 hours a day.