Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, November 10, 1922


November 10, 1922

My dear Miss Addams:

We missed you yesterday from the trustees' meeting, especially as it was the last chance we had of seeing you for so long a while. But we knew how busy you must be these last few days you are in Chicago, and hardly saw how you could manage to spare time for the meeting.

I am sending you Lea's reports because I know that you will share my satisfaction in their good form, as well as in the steady and sturdy status of the work reported, even though you can only glance at the enclosed sheets to be assured of these facts.

You have stood as god-mother for the Commons ever since its christening so long ago. Therefore you too will welcome the reassurance thus given of the stability of the Commons as a justification of your confidence in and endorsement of its work, which have been so helpful all these years.

If I knew when you are likely to be in China, Japan and the Philippines, I would write to some of my friends there of your coming and give you [cards] of introduction to a few of them who might open your way, as I know they would be glad to offer to do. Have your secretary call up Miss Hawkins to let me know.

As I am shut up in the house with a heavy cold, it is not likely that I will see you before you leave the first of the week. So accept my bon voyage for Miss Smith and yourself, with my best wishes for your great trip and safe return.

Cordially yours,

Miss Jane Addams,
800 S. Halsted Street,

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