Julia Clifford Lathrop to Jane Addams, June 24, 1922

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Jane Addams
800 S. Halsted St
Chicago, Ill

Kelley and I had friendly talk with Richmond yesterday. Today have received note from her saying she cannot withdraw.

Your friends believe necessary for Conference future that your larger conception social work should be standard fiftieth anniversary instead emphasis intensive technical methods.

Conference recognizes this impersonal issue.  Friends [page 2] believe three candidate contest most inexpedient for Jubilee. Probably splitting vote unfortunately. Folks will withdraw if you will stick. Your candidacy greatly needed their judgement, in this I agree.

Hamilton and I do not venture advice ↑personal aspect↓ but we believe you would stay in with dignity and with good faith toward Richmond and that you would be elected by large majority ↑& with↓ good feeling throughout conference. Alice agrees. Am informing Richmond of this message. [page 3] Among those advising above are Allen Burns, Graham Taylor, Barry Smith, Ruth Crawford, Lovejoy, Kelley, Kingsley, Abbotts, Norton, Frances Taussig, [Shillady].

Please reply before Monday. Biltmore Hotel.

Julia Lathrop