Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, March 5, 1909


My dear Mr Ely

I have signed a contract with Macmillan for a book to be delivered Oct 1st. I first called it Juvenile Delinquency and Public Morality, but found that that was too sociological of the material I had on hand, & changed it to "The Spirit of Youth and the [page 2] City Streets." It will be rather small and rather rlight, I am afraid. After I did it the bargaining, it occurred to me that I ought to have let you know of it first. I have just heard that you are to be in Chicago next week, perhaps I can see you then and explain in regard to it. May we not see you at [page 3] Hull-House? We are to have Mr and Mrs [Stiener?] here all week --

With cordial regards to Mrs Ely, I am

Faithfully yours
Jane Addams

March 5"1909

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