Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, April 3, 1921

April 3
19 Kaasgraben
Vienna XIX

Dear Miss Addams

It would help the Vienna Committee to secure Catholic cooperation -- which they greatly desire to secure and which is of course most desirable -- if they could speak of Catholics who are members of our Committee or of our national sections or especially who are coming to the Congress as delegates. Has [illegible] America any [illegible] in this line.

I am here with Frau Hertzka -- very happy to be here -- and we both send all love.

Yours ever

Emily G. Balch

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It is none of my business but I cannot help hoping that some of the Palo Alto group will be in the delegation. They are very active and interested and would find much sympathy among our European membership and I don't think we want a delegation wholly of the point of view of Mrs. Mead and the other older and more conservative type.

Lots of love. E G B

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