Editha Caroline Phelps to Jane Addams, April 25, 1921



Chicago, Apr. 25, 1921

My dear Miss Addams

Thank you very much for your note enclosing letters to the Italian women and also for the Zurich report, which will be my vademecum.

My address in Europe will be c/o American Express Company, 11 rue Scribe, Paris. I sail from Montreal May 7, going to London first, where I shall get into touch with Miss Royds in regard to the Internat. Summer School.

A few days ago I received from New York the call to the second meeting of the Int. Cong. of working women, to be held in Geneva, Oct., 1921. Would it be possible for me to be made a fraternal delegate to this congress from the W.I.L.? You remember I went down to the first congress last year in Washington at Mrs. [Robins'] request, and I should enjoy all the more attending the second as a fraternal.

I look forward with intense interest to the Vienna meeting and thank you again for your kind assistance. I am wondering if there is any particular ↑recent↓ book that I ought to be reading on the steamer. If so will you be so kind as to indicate the same. Such reading might well be [recommended] to our Chicago group next Wednesday.

Yours for internationalism

I leave Chicago May 3.

Editha Phelps