Jane Addams to Irene Osgood, November 5, 1908

Nov. 5, 1908

My dear Miss Osgood: --

I think it would be most unfortunate if Mr. Commons did not come as he has been so thoroughly advertised. We should, of course, only be too happy if Doctor Ely could come too. I will try to have Dr. Henderson and Dr. Faville and the Chicago members at Hull House in the afternoon, and we can discuss the matter then. Can I invite them [together] at four o'clock Saturday afternoon with the assurance of either Prof. Commons, Doctor Ely, or both will be here? Miss McDowell has invited her Industrial Committee of Neighborhood Workers to be here at four, and we could unite our efforts, I think, quite effectually. Anticipating seeing you Saturday then with much pleasure, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]