William Mackintire Salter to Jane Addams, January 29, 1907

 Henry Booth House
29 Jan. '07

My dear Dr. (!) Addams

I have just discovered the new title -- how curiously it sounds! And how little it adds! I won't use it again. 

But bravo! on the new book -- and a health to the "aggressive ideals of peace". It is a true & timely note. Thank you <much> for the book -- [page 2] & for putting my name in it. Mr. Jones said yesterday over the 'phone that we should find a mine <in> it -- and I should be sure of it in advance. I shall read it & get others to do so -- it is the new kind of sentiment we want to spread in the world.

Ever cordially,
Wm. M. Salter

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David Kaminski

For [illegible], I would suggest [mine], as if it were a gold mine, etc.

Cathy Moran Hajo

That makes sense to me, thanks!

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