Helen Culver to Jane Addams, October 23, 1920


23 October 1920.

Dear Miss Addams;

I have your letter of the 20th, reporting the favorable action of the Board and yourself upon my plan for transferring now the sum bequeathed in my will to the Hull House Endowment. I am very glad of the relief it will give you in your work.

Charles has told me also that I was named honorary president of the Board. This is very pleasant and flattering to me but all who know anything of Hull House know that Jane Addams is, always has been and doubtless always will be the inspiration and mainspring of the good work done there.

I would not forget or minimize the work of the builder of your house, who was also [page 2] a devoted, lifelong worker for the good of his fellow men.

Our house is in the midst of preparations for leaving it for the winter. We start for Sarasota on Wednesday. I am very sorry that we can not ask you to come out here.

Affectionately yours,

Helen Culver.

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