Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, September 12, 1908


My dear Alice

Thank you very much for the birthday present. I mean to buy a new book by H. G. Wells which I have been wanting to read. My three weeks vacation ended last Saturday when I left Bar Harbor. I spent Sunday, my birthday, with Weber and Mary, at Cambridge. I had a charming day with the one regret that Jane wasn't there, she was visiting her grandmother at the sea shore. I stopped for a lecture at Troy and got home on Monday evening. It has been sizzling weather almost ever since, that and [page 2] the general rush of business makes me realize what a blessing the vacation has been, for I am feeling fine in spite of it. I shall hope to see you and Marcet very soon. I did not know that she was planning to stay at home until Christmas. Are you coming on to meet her in that case? Please let me know when she is to arrive in Chicago. I am so glad that she and Miss Harris have had such a fine summer together -- there is nothing after all like one's first [glamor] of Europe. Esther and the children were here today, I wish you might see Brother now! 

Always your loving sister J. A.

Sept. 12" 1908