Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, October 15, 1920

Hiram Settlement
15. 10 1920

Dear my dear friend --

How did you get on? I thought of you often during that hot night.

We got out to the wickedly rich home quite safely, & were given two gorgeously furnished rooms. My bedroom had 14 lights! I found [page 2] our hostess [overwhelmingly] kind, very proud of her husband, eager to furnish a big house, interested in her charities, conscious of her position, & almost pathetic in her wish as she said that "we had not quite so much money"

I did not ask her for any, & I shd I think prefer dear that you shd not ask her to give me a motor -- anyhow not now -- I found myself in sympathy with most of what she told [page 3] me of her husband. She is arranging that he shd come to New York when we are there -- If he does I may tell him about the Institute. In any case it wld be wise for me to press  him to do a real housing scheme than to have his mind distracted by a simple ↑personal↓ thing like a motor -- I saw the collecting house or is it the receving? house of the factory, & another part, & felt that 40 hours a week [page 4] doing only one tiny thing that calls forth not a single quality of a human being was not right --

I talked freely to Dr. Marquis. His is a curious & entangled nature & disposition, if not character --

We came by lake boat last night, had our sleep punctuated by the fog-horn, & were met at 6-30 by a Nurse who 20 years ago had nursed me through a long illness.

The lecture was to a very large audience at 1 -- Was only spoken, & went well -- wh. quite [recusitated] me after the drear reception of it in Detroit. [page 5]

This afternoon we have been to see Hiram house country settlement, where the variety of the tints were surpassingly beautiful & where we met no snake!

Dear. Dear. It wld sound like flattery to tell you the good you did me --

The Canon will be grateful to you if he knows, & in any case I am now & ever your grateful & admiring friend

H. O Barnnett.

This Settlement has the dreadful degraded humanity [illegible] [wh] we in Whitechapel knew as well.