Harriet Dunlop Prenter to Jane Addams, February 16, 1920

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Toronto Branch of the Canadian Section

Toronto, Feb 16 1920

Miss Jane Addams --
Chicago Ill.

Dear Miss Addams --

It seems dreadful to "come at you" again -- but I forgot, in writing the other day -- to say that we have a group in Hamilton -- a good sized city near here -- and hope to have one other formed in Montreal before you come to Canada, and if you are not just flying through, it would help tremendously, to go to at least Montreal also: In Conversation with Mrs W. E. Barker -- one of our members -- today -- we thought it a shame to take up time, on this occasion, with the "Capital punishment" question -- if we could have an afternoon gathering at our "Women's Art Association" rooms -- a very "holy of holies" -- and then a general meeting in the evening and if you would give a plain talk on how women may do work for constructive peace -- or constructive work for peace -- it would surely penetrate the inertia which seems to be gathering more thickly every day -- this is all [page 2] my errand -- do not set me down as a nuisance. The U.S.A. seems to be in poor condition -- as to mind -- but -- "Oh Canada"!!

Very truly yours

Harriet D. Prenter

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