Yella Fuchs Hertzka to Jane Addams, January 23, 1920

Women's International League

23rd January, 1920.

Dear Miss Addams,

I wonder if you know I have been one month in the Scandinavian countries to work for the League and to rouse public opinion about the Prisoners of war in Siberia and Turkestan? I have been in England since the 18th December for the same purpose. Three months ago I sent to you and to all my American friends a letter and an appeal about the question of the prisoners, but neither I nor any other European Branch of the League received an answer, so I think it is probable this appeal did not reach you.

I intended also to come over to America for the same purpose, but I really feel tired now and as I have no news as to whether it would be useful, I intend only going to Paris and to the Headquarters in Geneva. All the Scandinavian Branches and the British Section of the League have taken up the question of the prisoners of war. I enclose a statement about their conditions and hope that the American Section will also take the matter up as we all believe that it is a work for the International League.

I had public meetings in Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Glasgow and one is being held here in London on the 26th January.

I got my passport by the Czecho-Slovak [Embassy] including my American vise. The best thing would be to make the American Red Cross and the Y.M.C.A. collect money and go in to Siberia to help with the repatriation. The repatriation can be done by the Port of [Vladivostok]; thousands of prisoners are waiting there in the camps of Nikolsk-[Ussuriysk], quite near. They had no permit by the Russian General or the inter-Allied Missions there to go on board. Now we hope to get all these permits and the women's [page 2] societies here, the press and the Labour Party will put pressure on the Government respecting these permits.

I hope this letter will reach you. I am sending also a copy to Miss [Kelley] and Miss [Wald].

If you are of the opinion that my coming to America would be of use I could possibly come over in the month of April. In this case would you kindly cable "yes" or "no." ↑to the English Branch London

Yours very faithfully,

Yella Hertzka [signed]