Yella Fuchs Hertzka to Jane Addams, October 31, 1919


Women’s International League For Freedom and Peace

Vienna, XI Kaasgraben 19
31 [October] 1919

Section: Austria

Dear Miss Addams,

You surely are informed by Miss Balch, that the Austrian action of the [I.L.P.F.] has suggested to start an international action in [favor] of the prisoners of war. Our [Headquarters] in Geneva has begun to work and has done already much indeed towards this action. The case of the repatriation of the unhappy prisoners became by now a mere economic question, a question of money which is impossible to be solved by Austria and impossible to be solved by [Hungary] because of the immense rate of exchange. 

We suggested the international Red Cross shall start a [Lottery] Loan in [favor] of the repatriation of the prisoners, and before the money ↑is↓ raised through the lottery tickets they may advance money of their own for the transportation.

We are informed that the American Red Cross possesses over 100 ↑millions↓ itself. We planned further to send an appeal to the Austrians living in America in order to get contributions from them too for the transportation. 

I know, it is not necessary to tell you much about this question. You know only too well, what those thousand and thousand once healthy young and fresh human beings have to suffer in the exile. And you know only too well, that our [endeavors] and appeals will now fail in a very short time, there will be not much need to repeat them, because I am afraid, we shall be too late. We beg you therefore dear Miss Addams to do all in your power. America could help very much in this affair and we trust that through your help and influence the necessary funds will be raised [illegible] as soon as possible. If the American Red Cross, the [Y.M.C.A.], the Free Masons in America (to which there was sent an appeal) would do also their best, I am sure we shall be able to bring back those unfortunate diseased prisoners to their families. 

Hoping very much to hear from not before long

↑Or will you start this action?↓

↑Yours sincerely↓

 Yella Hertzka [signed]

↑I have been waiting for you in Vienna!↓

↑Office of Austrian women↓