Jane Addams to William Edward Dodd, October 26, 1919


My dear Mr. Dodd

May I thank you for the address which I very much enjoyed reading, it is I think almost the first “commencement address” I ever saw which attempted to give the youngsters what they so much want to have -- an intelligent clue to the big world which both intrigues and scares them. I suppose that the plain truth is that very few people are capable of doing it. I was enormously interested in your able analysis. I have sent the copy on to Alice Hamilton for her edification.

Mr Villard was very interesting about his European [experiences] and scarcely mentioned the President. Of course he has been much too bitter about Mr Wilson and I am personally much more sympathetic with your estimate of the President [than] with his, but I have weathered so many storms with him that we have the ↑sorry↓ comradeship which comes to the advocates of the same unpopular cause.

Appreciating your letter and hoping that Mrs Dodd is better

I am Faithfully yours

Jane Addams [signed]

October 26th 1919