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Scott's Committee on Observation on Limited Segregation reports to the Chicago Board of Education that educating boys and girls in the same manner does not appear to be the best policy, and requests time for continued study.
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The Chicago Board of Education is hosting an essay writing competition sponsored by Victor F. Lawson of the Chicago Daily News.
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In this speech at the National Conference of Charities and Correction in Boston, Addams calls on educators and social workers to demand useful education for children so that they are better prepared for a life in industry.
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Addams calls for more high schools to make it easier for children to continue their education.
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Venerable asks Addams for her support in the development of a Tuskegee-like school in the Midwest.

Myers informs Addams that the Educational Aid Society has re-elected her as a member of the Advisory Council.

Keeping her promise to McCormick, Addams sends her speech about playgrounds.

Taylor congratulates Addams on her courageous decision to support Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Party.
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Addams addressed a meeting of teachers and laborers on the need for funds to support better education on February 11; the lecture was published on March 5, 1905.

Addams' address to the Conference of Visiting Nurses discusses a program in Chicago that helps keep children in school.

Vincent reports to Addams about the need to secure contributions for the Chicago Municipal Museum to participate in World's Fair in St. Louis.

Addams writes Haldeman about recent visits with family and the activities of the Chicago School Board.

Addams expresses to King her interest in speaking for the Religious Education Association but regrets that she cannot yet make commitments because of her involvement with the Chicago School Board.

On behalf of Addams, Smith sends regrets that Addams is unable to attend her conference in Lake Placid, New York.

Addams thanks Naton for his letter and affirms her intentions to remain on the Chicago School Board.

Addams thanks Blaine for Dr. Ridlon's suggestions and requests a meeting to discuss them.

Addams asks Blaine to help expand a Board of Education committee, and seeks Blaine's annual donation to Hull-House.

The Chicago Board of Education writes Addams on the status of a contract for kindergarten school supplies.

Duncanson congratulates Addams on her appointment to the Chicago Board of Education.

Haley wishes to imbue to Addams that she is passionate about the plight of the public school and that she wishes to do everything she can to save this last piece of democracy she sees.

Schilling congratulates Addams on her new position with the school board, updates Addams on Lottie and Lillie Paulsen, and asks for a favor.

Addams forwards copies of the financial appeal for the Municipal Museum to Blaine.
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