Avetis Arakelovich Aharonian to Emily Greene Balch, January 1920


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You are certainly not unaware of the unprecedented martyrdom of the Armenian people. For [having?] Fought on the coasts of the Allies he [added?] During the war a million of his family, men, women, children, slaughtered, drowned or burned alive by the Turks.

During this horrific tragedy, unique in history, the suffering endured by Armenian women, [mothers?] And young daughters, was more excruciating than death itself. [illegible word] having witnessed helplessly the slaughter of their children, their brothers and their fiancés, they themselves suffered unnamed persecutions and insults.

It [ost?] Very painful [illegible word] to say that after so much suffering [and?] Since the victory of the Allies, there are still 50,000 young Armenian girls and women in the ture harems and in the Arab deserts. They curse their fate, waiting in vain for a deliverance which is unfortunately refused to them by the victorious Allies.

It is in your hands that we hand over the cause of all these unhappy women and, through you, to all the generous women of your country: we hope that you will raise your voice in favor of your sisters so horribly martyred.

Please accept, Madam, with all our thanks, the assurance of our highest consideration.

The president of the Delegation of the Armenian Republic to the Peace Conference: A. Aharonian.

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