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Descamps and Ruffini write Addams regarding potential attendance to a League of Nations Union meeting.

Aharonian sends Balch details the suffering occurring in Armenia and asks her to support their efforts.

Balch offers Hrushveska information about setting up a Ukrainian branch of WILPF.

Chichmanova announces the formation of a Ukranian section of the WILPF.

Chichmanova discusses the political situation in the Balkans following World War I and seeks to set up a study committee of WILPF on the question.

The Comité protests the exclusion of Germany from the League of Nations and protests the Versailles Treaty as unfair and seeks to replace it with one designed to keep the peace.

Rusiecka asks Addams and the WILPF to support her efforts on bringing peace and understanding to former enemies during World War I.

De Beaufort argues against propositions to negotiate territorial concessions without the input of the people who live there.

Rolland sends Addams his declaration and asks for her support and to send it to American thinkers.

Barbusse announces the creation of Clarté, a group of writers and artists, seeking political and social change.

Adelsward asks Addams to fill out a questionnaire for a committee serving the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom, and goes on to discuss the answers and recent publications of other members.

De Jong von Beek en Donk discusses a questionnaire that the International Study Commission considered sending and enclosed a response opposing it.

Adelsward invites Addams to join the Study Commission of the Central Organization for Durable Peace.

Damras tells Addams that Prince Devawongse received her resolutions and cannot find any fault with them.

Bignami asks Wales whether the International Congress of Women would like to collaborate with the League of Neutral Countries to mediate a peace.

A pamphlet containing a petition from the Swiss Peace Society to the Swiss Federal Council, and the reply. The texts were translated into multiple languages.

Addams sends information about the International Congress of Women and requests cooperation in their endeavors.

Siedlecka and Pawlowska request that Poland's women be granted a place in the Woman's Peace Congress.

This is a list of the people who have received the letter written by Moriaud.

Karaveloff responds to Addams' request for representatives to the International Congress of Women.

Bardoux compliments Addams on her work at Hull House and in Chicago and wants her advice on starting a settlement house in France.
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