Jenkin Lloyd Jones to Jane Addams, February 8, 1906


Editor's transcription.

February 8, 1906.

Miss Jane Addams.
The Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Jane Addams: --

You know how guilty I feel about asking you to speak in March, but in an unwary moment you said you thought you could. If you are still of a mind please indicate your preference for the first or last Sunday in March -- the 4th or 25th -- and at your convenience indicate the subject. The other Sundays are taken, but you can have one or the other, and I will [owe?] you one, a real one; meanwhile I am always your debtor.

But let me take advantage of this letter to tell you how thoroughly I will resent the changing of the name of the Hyde Park High School and the obliterating of the Jones school landmark down town, even for such names as Harper and Marshall Field. They will be honored, and the school board will have opportunities [as] they see fit with new ventures; but do not let us pull up things [at] the root. You know the old Jews had severe penalties for those who removed the ancient landmarks. What would Chicago be without [the] Esplanade?

I am also with you in what seems to me a reversion in the segregation experiment at Englewood. Things are not right; [our?] boys are not well managed, but this prescription seems to me to be based on a very superficial diagnosis.

Hastily but cordially yours,

Jenkin Lloyd Jones [the original is signed]

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