Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, July 21, 1918


July 21st, 1918.

My dear Mr. Kellogg:

Mr. Cross, the Secretary, as you know, of the Conference of Social Work, wrote to me for my manuscript to be published in the Proceedings. I sent him the one I had used in Kansas City, although, of course, in speaking I made various modifications.

Mr. Cross wrote me afterwards for permission to publish this in a separate pamphlet, and I at once declined, saying that I wished to work the matter over, that I was using the material in addresses and that I wished to rewrite it as an article. I was much surprised therefore to find in my mail on Saturday two copies of the speech, one of which I am sending to you.

Mr. Cross is out of town but a telephone communication from the office assures me that a mistake was made and that they will hold the edition of five hundred until they hear from me again. I can, of course, buy up the edition but in the meantime they have advertised it in the Bulletin and I see all sorts of difficulties ahead. I had already begun to work on it and can send you later, if you like, a copy of the finished product.

The pamphlet is so similar to the quotations you had in the Survey that I am sure you will not want it, but I am sending it on with an explanation and an apology for the [occurrence] which really was not my fault.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. I am assuming that you would only use this for comment and am sending it also to Mr. Croly for use in the same way, if he cares to do so.