Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, March 29, 1918

Hotel Oakland
Oakland, California


Isn't the enclosed letter fine and may be quite right! I am really in fine shape tonight in spite of the fact that I spoke to a huge meeting at Berkeley this morning at 11, lunched afterward with the Pres't, his wife, T. P. O'Connor & others & spoke again this P.M. to the teachers.

I am doing it better as time goes on and am quite [page 2] convinced that it does me no harm -- I have many things to tell you about when we arrive at that blessed Del Monte.

I do wish that you could drive out to Palo Alto & then down into the Santa Clara Valley -- It is passing fair -- The 30 miles between San F. & Palo Alto is all a very good road -- we made it in a ↑short↓ hour the other morning & the University is worth seeing too. [page 3] It will be too nice to find you on the S.F. platform when I arrive from Salt Lake. I have shooed off all offers of help on my return saying I was going directly [through] but in point of fact there must be a pause between which I am indicating as [enclosed] clip. If we should miss each other we'll meet at the "flyer."

I think I will have to see [page 4] Stanley again but I will write him from Del Monte when & where. He telegraphed me today to see the Y.M.C.A. people for him.

With love to [illegible]

Always yours Jane Addams

March 29" 1918