Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 28, 1901



The Springfield letter and the check came this morning. I hope to bring the latter mostly back to you, unless I can find a magnificent present for you. Visiting is much cheaper than hotels and in this house it is an uncommonly pleasant affair.

I will spend one night in [Pass] Christian en route for St Louis, one day including a speech & a reception at the little settlement here and the rest at [Avery] Island. I have lost my heart to this old town and long to go down to the jetties, [over] to Mobile & Daphne [&] and all the rest of it. It is all in climate & flowers that I hoped for California and did not find -- & such charming folk white & black. I am relieved that you are better. I am coming back a [Samson]. I am spent [today] from talking to [4000] people yesterday ↑4000 people is "against nature" for a woman to attempt. Sister Kelley agrees [with me?], but both of us [women] send our love↓ but am all right  -- yours JA --

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