Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 27, 1917


Dearest --

I am sending you this letter because it is really an invitation to you. Your letters from Boston made me quite homesick to be on the other bed. [Although] I am having the best sort of a time and am staying until Sept 4" when Alice goes down to Chicago with me. If we decide on Minneapolis she will go there too but that seems less likely as time goes on. Bishop Williams was a guest here over Sunday and preached a fiery war sermon Sunday morning which I had the pleasure of hearing [it. This?] [page 2] & that is but the beginning of various invitations which promise to make the last week of the visit a round of gaieties. I am beginning to walk with [much] less fatigue and am really much encouraged by my prowess. I hope before this reaches you that Lyman & his mother are safely settled in our dear home and that all goes well. Do write me about L. deK. B -- her letters sound very forlorn. You are a dear to send the books & the other package.

With love to your household <especially to Mrs Herrick>

Always yours Jane Addams