Jane Addams to Ellery Sedgwick, September 22, 1917


September 22, 1917

Lake Geneva.

My dear Mr. Sedgwick,

Both of the papers to which you refer have been published by Mac Millan in "The Long Road of Woman's Memory" of which I am venturing to send you a copy. May I ask you to communicate directly with Mac Millan & Co. My friend at court there has ↑always↓ [page 2] been Mr. Marsh. I should of course be much pleased to have a paper in such a book as you are contemplating.

The only writing I have in mind at present is something concerning the Russian religious beliefs formulated by Tolstoy as a factor in the present Russian situation.

Mr. Croly has accepted a short article for "The New Republic" but I have much more material on the same subject. May I enclose to you what Mr. Croly has [page 3] taken as a suggestion of the line of a longer article.

It may be premature to publish such an article now but, on the other hand, it is easy in these stirring times to delay a message too long and I quite agree with your statement that the peace article I sent you was out of date after war was declared. It may interest you to see it in pamphlet form.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams