Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, September 2, 1917

Mackinac Island
Sept 2d 1917

Dearest --

The letter you sent me was amazing -- I felt as if I must fly to you. I suppose we really fell into one of those unsatisfactory compromises but I do hope the time with the little lad will be worth it.

It is hard to be away from you when I might possibly be of a little use, some time I get fearful restless about it!

I am really having the best kind of a time and have become very fond of Edith Hamilton -- keep the news from Marcet! -- who leaves for the east today. She goes directly to see Mrs Reid at Seal Harbor. [page 2] It would be very nice if you could see her -- she is a most enthusiastic admirer of our location & views, and she has sure been mighty good to me.

I am planning to go down Tuesday evening but if the People's Council hang around Chicago as long as that I may postpone it for a day or two. Having kept out of it so far I would better continue my cowardly methods. Isn't the situation an illustration of going England one better! [then] I remember the big peace meeting we attended there when the war was a year old.

We are going to take a Peace supper [page 3] with the Packards tonight -- they have been awfully nice, invited us to lunch with "Mr Justice Day" and all kinds of things. In fact we have been quite gay -- our lastest social achievement was a dinner at Mrs Patrick's. The household life is awfully nice and not so intensive as I suspected. [In] fact I am filled with a certain remorse for my own gossip about them.

Please, Darling, write me when you can. You are too dear in your last letter, if I can only be of some good to you in the years to come. I am feeling so dry & battered that I am not of much use to any body but I am always entirely Yours

J. A.

P.S. I have just finished an article which Alice has copied -- I am sending you the first [5 & two last pages.]