Aylmer Maude to Mary Rozet Smith, August 2, 1904



My dear Miss Smith,

Your letter of the 21 July is just to hand. I have not yet heard from Miss Addams (who I conclude is with you) but as I am just going away for a couple of weeks to a "Vegetarian Summer School" I enclosed a [check] for £50. for Hull House, herewith.

I have made it out to Miss Addams' name; & I send it in English money because I cannot get a dollar-draft without writing to London. I hope this will not cause much trouble or delay at your end; the delay in cashing it will not be more than if I left it till after my holiday & then sent it in dollars.

I am very glad that you have [ways of] using it in connection with Hull House. I could send it nowhere where I shall feel safer at its being well used.

Just before I got your letter I had one from a rather eccentric Quaker lady, a Miss [Pickard], who was excluded from the list of their recognized ministers some years ago. She writes from Leeds to say: "I have a letter from J.C. Kenworthy, this morning in which he says: - 'Please notify Aylmer Maude that if I hear of his claiming connection with me in any way, or expressing any opinions about me or my work that are beyond the absolute facts, I will proceed against him criminally [at] the [page 2] first opportunity.'"

That, of course, is foolish bluff, & not worth a second thought. But the poor fellow's case is serious & tragic enough. He has had four lawsuits lately, he threatens everybody, involves them in expense & does not pay his costs. Besides his ↑violence↓ prevents people from taking steps to get his children educated, or his wife suppliedwith the medical care she needs. For years past we have all been saying that it must end soon: that either he will get better, & cease to be so unreasonable; or else he will be acknowledged to be out of his mind, & then his wife's relatives & friends can do something for her & for the children.

It is very kind to have him at Hull House, but the visit will have to terminate someday, & what is most important (if I may venture to advise) is not to pass him on to other people who may not recognize what a dangerous man he is at times, and may give him opportunities for further mischief.

My wife sends her kindest remembrances. Let us know when any of your friends are over in England, we should be very glad indeed to see them, & we are not very far from London. 

Yours very truly

Aylmer Maude

[written on left margin] P.S. The [check] is from The "Resurrection" Fund (of which I am acting as Hon. Secy.).

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