Jane Addams to Louis Paul Lochner, February 8, 1917


International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace

The Section for the United States of America
The Woman's Peace Party
Office: 116 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Feby' 8" 1917

My dear Mr Lochner

Your telegram came this morning and filled me with great sorrow all day. I suppose we ought to be grateful for having had a chance for fifteen months and certainly your record in it all has been one to be proud of.

I wrote Miss Balch urging her to push you for the Emergency Federation, I know of no one who would <do> that work so well as you would.

In case there is no opening with the N.Y or Washington body, would you come [page 2] to Chicago to take charge of a similar thing here for a month or two -- allied of course to the other two but paying its own way. How much do you think it would cost, including your salary of course. I am putting it all very bluntly to save time. I know of no one else who can get the [laborites], the socialists [etc.] together as well as you do.

I was very much touched by your interview with the Pres't. Do come and let us get into our old game of an emergency federation. With all sympathy for your disappointment Always faithfully yours Jane Addams

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