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Cumberson explains to Addams that a resolution she created has been rendered null and void due to developments regarding the war.

The Herald apologizes for misquoting Addams's statement about German-Americans and the enty of the United States in World War I.

Christie accuses Addams of being overly emotional and disagrees with her statements about German-Americans and the entry of the United States in World War I.

Moore offers Addams his support for her peace activism and asks for information about how to promote peace.

Kuttner thanks Addams for her stand on peace and discusses the ethnic divisions that the war has brought to America.

Lochner invites Addams to the First American Conference for Democracy which seeks to clarify public opinion on issues related to the United States entry in World War I.

Dunlap thanks Addams for her work and tells of her effort to work for peace and be patriotic.

Addams tells a reporter from the Manchester Guardian her impressions of the International Congress of Women. A short summary of her remarks at Kingsway hall is also included.

Dudley commiserates with Addams about the United States entering World War I and how peace groups are reacting.

Lindsay reacts to the United States entry in World War I and asks Addams' opinion.

Gale suggests to bring up the topic of anti-militarism at the next Neutral Committee meeting

Addams denounces the newly formed American Legion as a project that could lead the United States into war and argues for conscious efforts to spread peace. The speech was made at the Cort Theater to the Woman's Peace Party on March 5.

Addams and Wald ask Parker to sign a letter to Woodrow Wilson calling for the maintenance of democratic institutions during war time.

Addams thanks Dudley for her letter and notes that she hopes to see her soon.

McLaughlin tells Addams about her new book Efficiency vs. War and of her support for the peace movement.

Addams and others ask Wilson to ensure that free speech and democratic values are not lost during the war.

Balch updates Addams on activities of the Emergency Peace Federation since the declaration of war.

A mother begs Addams to do all she can to prevent war.

Karsten suggests that Sinclair lobby Congress and the President against joining World War I.

Karsten updates Allee on activities of the Emergency Anti-War Committee and efforts to lobby Congress against joining the war.

A "Rreal American Citizen" calls for a boycott of subsidized newspapers due to their warmongering.

An "American Citizen who loves his Country"sends Addams a plea to boycott the newspapers that he feels are driving the United States into World War I.

Addams tells Wald about her travel plans to Washington and reacts to the Zimmerman telegram.

Addams thanks Lochner for his last letter and asks him to take a position with the Emergency Peace Federation.

Thomas asks for a token of reassurance from Addams, especially on behalf of many members who are concerned over America's neutral status.

Addams writes about funds which have come in and remarks how trivial it all seems in the present situation.

Kellogg asks Addams's advice regarding how The Survey should respond to the war situation.

Addams tells Thomas that women in America must keep their sons out of World War I.

Webber writes to Addams about her opposition to the war and hopes that the United States will not enter.

Bryan sends some plans to Addams for the Woman's Peace Party should diplomatic relations break off and war looks more likely.
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