Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, November 18, 1902

Kansas City
Nov. 18 "1902

My dear Alice

We were much disappointed not to see you yesterday - I had a faith that you were coming after all until your letter arrived.  I am quite homesick to see you this morning, and wish I were going to Girard instead of Omaha - whence I fare forth in a few minutes.  Cousin Charlie and Eliza have been as kind as possible and while I was quite tired when I came I feel rested now in spite of the fact that I have given a long lecture.  Esther's baby is so pretty and dear.  I spent Sunday in St Louis and come away with a lot of  cherubic [illegible] [page 2] memory.  Esther is looking very well and expects the new baby any time between the 5th & 17th.  I said that you had suggested taking Louise but she looked quite startled at the prospect of parting from her--she is really a most devoted mother and it seems to me a very successful one.  Cousin Eliza sends her love and hopes you are coming to see them soon --  I met Mrs Moffat and others of your friends who all were much disappointed.  With much love to you always your loving sister

Jane Addams