Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Rebecca Shelley, November 13, 1916


November 13th, 1916

My dear Miss Shelly:

I am enclosing a letter written and signed by Miss Addams to be sent, as you request with the appeal, to women's organizations. Miss Addams would like to have this go on the Woman's Peace Party letterheads, which, of course, you can have printed when the letter is printed.

Miss Addams suggests, however, that this will go to the same group of people to whom the telegrams in reference to the Neutral Conference were sent in November, 1915. You probably have this very valuable list of addresses in the New York Office of the Woman's Peace Party, but if not, we have such a list here and will be glad to have it used, either printing and sending the letters from here, if you can cover the expense, or having them sent out directly from New York.

I have had a conference with Mr. Friedman and Mrs. Lloyd in reference to a meeting by Mr. Richards. I have also talked with Miss Addams about this and she is very much in favor of such a meeting and will help us in every way she can. Mrs. Thomas, unfortunately, is out of the city until the 20th or 21st, so all preliminary arrangements will have to be made without her help, which I very much regret. Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. Friedman and I are to have a meeting this afternoon and as things develop, we will keep you informed.

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Rebecca Shelly,
70 Fifth Avenue,
New York City.