Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, November 7, 1916


November 7, 1916.

Dear Miss Addams:

I am sending this identical letter to all members of the Board and Council. You will see that I unified the joint letter I sent you and Prof. Taylor recently for some of its paragraphs.

You have already helped out the constructive development of the new year most famously by your aid in securing Mr. Schiff's conditional offer; so please feel that the financial part of the letter does not apply to you. Good word has come from Judge Mack saying that Mr. Albert D. Lasker pledges [$500] for three years towards the $3000 fund we need for the international development. I have a tentative letter from Mr. Cochran and want to put the plan before both him and Mr. Charles R. Crane. Do you feel that you could write me a very brief note giving your estimate of the opportunity before us to make The Survey count as a link in this period of shattered relationships? I am asking Miss Wald, Judge Mack and Prof. Taylor also to do the same, and feel that they will count for more than any of my own arguments with Mr. Crane.