Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman to Matthew B. Marvin, October 10, 1913

The State Bank of Girard.
Girard, Kansas
Oct 10, 1913.

My dear Mr Marvin

Your letter just rec'd. Will you kindly embody the same into two copies of contract & have Mr Keene sign each copy & forward same to me, when my sister will sign both copies & return one to Mr Keene, & keep the other here.

Have contract made out to Jane Addams. You have description of the land, known as "Jane Addams Stephenson Co Lands." I would do it, but you seem in a hurry to have this answer.

In the meantime, if you & Mr Keene can decide to give my sister $2000.00 Twenty Thousand dollars cash now (you to get commission from Mr Keene) We will send you deed for the land instead of lease contract. [page 2]

In my speaking to you (as agent) I neglected to say that of course we would expect you to attend to paying the taxes.                              

With kindest & best wishes to Mrs Marvin & yourself I am Cordially --

S. Alice Haldeman.

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