Annie B. Ford to Jane Addams, December 20, 1915

New Harmony, Ind.
Dec. 20th 1915.

My dear Miss Addams:

My activities must be turned into other channels since the passing away of my dear mother Nov. 22nd (a few days beyond her 91st year).

In recognition of your attitude toward "World Peace" I am sending you a little "comfort" -- to use (as my sisters-in-law do; (the style <my creation!> is not on the market))! or for your pleasure to pass on if it shouldn't fit.

I believe my faith has been justified again. I have parted within two years with <an amount equal to> about all the money I ever earned, in the interest [page 2] of social service without any seeming returns beyond my recent thought that out of an organization of Ex-Teachers must come the power to produce "governmental devices designed to protect and enhance the fruitful processes of [cooperation] in the great [experiment] of living together in a world become conscious of itself." 

[clipping pasted onto the page] But in the present situation of the world's affairs it behooves us ill to wait idle until leaders clear the way for us. Every man who realizes the broad conditions of the situation, every one who can talk or write or echo, can do his utmost to spread his realization of the possibilities of a world congress and the establishment of world law and world peace that lie behind the monstrous agonies and cruelties and confessions of this catastrophic year.

Given an immense body of opinion, initiatives may break out effectively anywhere; failing it, they will be fruitless everywhere.

[written to the right of clipping] [H.] G. Wells
Chicago Herald
Feb. 28th 1915.

Without organization on Dec 14th [through] gentleman and seven ladies passed the following resolution -- "We ex-teachers assembled in Library Hall feel the educational value, to the child and adult, of public expressions favoring World Peace."

Mrs Mollie Robb, A. B. Ford, Chas. [Elliot]
Com. [page 3]

The village has its attention centered on its first Community Xmas Tree, placed this morning in the middle of the town. Committees on music, decoration, & gifts have a goodly sum for the undertaking.

The newspapers stated you were in a hospital, and your name was not given with the list of passengers on the Oscar II. So here, without authentic word we may feel uneasy for your health & for your safety --

Sincerely yours,

Annie B. Ford.