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Detzer tells Addams that she will send her report tomorrow and notes her fear that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom is being targeted.

Williams offers a tribute to the late William Jennings Bryan.

The article outlines the parade and speeches that followed the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Mass Meeting.

Kellogg sends Addams a Lyman Gage article that he thinks she may find useful.

The French Section of the ICWPP presents terms by which all allied governments can abide in an effort to establish a system for peace.

Van Winkle requests Addams presence in Jacksonville, Florida, for the Food Administration

Karsten sends Hunter a copy of a congressional bill which repeals the draft section of army legislation.

Bryan expresses to Addams the need for a referendum to involve the general public in the choice of declaring war in hopes that the Government will recognize peaceful alternatives.

Villard describes her peace delegation's interactions with multiple senators and congressmen in Washington, D.C.

Wilson informs Addams that Ida M. Tarbell cannot serve on the United States Tariff Commission.

Members of the Pre-Primary Committee urge Addams to communicate with her district's candidates.

Taylor informs Addams of action being taken to protest against a candidate running for office on the Industrial Relations Commission.

London informs Addams that his peace resolution is moving through the House of Representatives.

Jones proposes a joint resolution (at the request of Herman Rettig) to the 63rd Congress which, if accepted, would result in an amendment to the Constitution allowing representatives to be apportioned to the people on a vocational basis.

Ford informs Addams that due to her mother's passing she cannot devote herself to the peace movement any longer, and goes on to discuss governmental influences on the movement.
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Addams explores women's responses to war, looking at its costs in terms of lives and social welfare, and questions of patriotism.

Addams seeks Senator Sutherland's support for the establishment of a Federal Children's Bureau, arguing that it would allow the gathering of information currently not possible.
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Testimony of Addams and Anna Shaw before a Congressional Committee on Rules regarding woman's suffrage.

Addams asks Bryan whether Prof. Masaryk was executed as a result of refusing military service.

Schwimmer tells Addams that she is on a peace mission from Europe with President Wilson and Bryan.

Woods would like to know Addams' conclusion regarding whether or not to allow children to appear on the theatrical stage.

A House bill, introduced by Victor Murdock, to create a Commission on Naturalization.

Kellor sends Addams a plan of organization for the new Federal Department of Labor for comment.

The Commission on Industrial Relations sends Harriman their recommendations for improvements on women in industry to get her feedback.