Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, May 26, 1902


J A Book “Democracy & Social Ethics”


My dearest

Your letter from Ravenna was such a pleasure, it stirred my traveler's blood in spite of my aches and pains. The flats are so nice and in spite of the fact that we are having the "dickens of a time" to make up the last deficits, I quite dote on them.

I feel a little better about the book but it has gone into the "second printing" without giving me fair warning so that I couldn't make any changes. The Macmillan called it a "[surer] sale" and [page 2] expressed satisfaction with the first six weeks.

Your father and mother are coming over to the play [tonight], the expedition has been entirely organized by the former whose energy is something amazing. I have a nice offer for sub-renting your flat, but tell some and all that nothing can be done until your return. Please give my love to the Lady Eleanor -- and you must know, dear, how I long for you all the time -- and especially during the last three weeks. There is reason in the habit of married folk keeping together. Forever ys

Jane Addams

May 26" 1902