Catherine Potter Courtney to Jane Addams, October 20, 1915


Oct 20. 1915


Dear [Miss] Addams,

I have just heard through a letter to [Miss] Marshall from Dr Jacobs how ill you have been. We are very grieved but cannot be surprised considering all the fatigue & excitement you went through. I know you will not grudge your efforts & their consequences for indeed you have helped us all more than I can say.

How I wish that your health required a little [Swiss] air -- some [page 2] winter resort in the Alps whence you could watch & help the little efforts some of us are making towards sanity. We sadly want you in Europe for communication & [traveling] are becoming more & more difficult.

[Today] a wave of indignation is sweeping over the country on account [of] the execution of the English nurse Cavell & I daresay some echo will reach [the] U.S.A whose agents worked so [eagerly?] & so [unsuccessfully] to save her. This will make any movement towards peace harder. [page 3]

And now dear [Miss] Addams I want to ask you if you would mind a report of your speech in N. York reprinted by a friend of mine & yours from the "Survey" -- <being> printed & pubd under our Int Women League auspices -- I had 100 copies sent me but have exhausted them & no more to be got & I have had applications from various quarters. There are two [passages] I have marked we <some> think might be misunderstood though [personally] I should be sorry to leave them out. Tell me what you wish -- but [page 4] do let us use the speech. It would be distributed by our Comee & sold to other Societies who wanted it.

The International W.L. is now formed here & I think a good Comee elected -- very varied in character & general views but I think we shall work together. The great difficulty will be communication with other countries. Every belligerent Govt is hermetically sealing all ears & tongues & stopping up every avenue of through which any tentative desire for peace may [express] itself --[get?] -- responded to & grow. If we were only allowed to [written on left margin of page 1] talk to each other I believe we [would] find a common will to peace which [wd assert] itself -- [illegible] [best?]-- regards & wishes.

Yours truly

Kate Courtney