Ada Wells to Jane Addams, July 21, 1915

Make WAR on WAR!
Miss Jane Addams
Chicago U.S.A.

Dear Madame,

At a recent meeting of the Canterbury Women's Institute (a Society which has been in existence for the last twenty-two years in Christchurch, New Zealand) it was decided to seek to cooperate with the International Peace Council. It was felt too that there is urgent need of education for women on the Peace Question and to that end I am writing to your own great self to ask whether it would be possible for you to come to New Zealand to rouse the women here to their responsibility & the right use of their powers as voters. [page 2] On the whole the women of New Zealand are callous. The W.C.T.U. with which we had hoped to join in pressing forward peace questions is as a body opposed to taking any stand against our iniquitous [Defense] Acts. To you then as a great Teacher we make appeal to come over & help us as the Suffrage can do little for us unless education on public duties is constant.

I am forwarding to you a copy of a letter forwarded <addressed> by our National Peace Council to Principal Sharpless. It will explain to you our great desire for help not only at this time of crisis but for future years.

Our children's education as you will see from the enclosed letter & pamphlets [page 3] is practically in the hands of the militarists from whom we can expect no help in any of the ideals we hold for our children. Our public press is unanimously in accord with the [reactionary] party & as a people we are [illegible]. The dead hand of imperialism is on us & unless we [realize] the evil of our ways the path is dark before us.

If my letter appears to you somewhat disconsolate & pessimistic it is because I have been painting the dark side to you. On the other hand I know there are thousands of people in New Zealand, waiting to respond to higher vibrations. Can you, therefore, come?

I am,

Yours Sincerely

Ada Wells
President Canterbury Women's Inst.


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