Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, March 17, 1902

Ann Arbor Michigan
March 17" 1902

My dear Alice

I wrote a very hasty letter the other morning and hope very much that you won't misunderstand. I am going to be at Vassar and Bryn Mawr during this trip and can do anything about Marcet's application that you like. I had hoped to talk things over with you at Christmas. I am not ↑good↓ at letter writing and hope we can straighten every thing out when you come next summer [page 2] or perhaps you will go to Los Angeles. 

Why not find some cool place -- or let me find it -- near Chicago where I can come to see you often for the entire summer if you don't want to be in the city during the hot weather. Mrs. West at Lakeside has a most comfortable place for boarders, there is a charming place on Highland Park right on the lake. Of course [page 3] if you and Marcet would come to Hull-House for the summer I should be delighted. Laura may take charge of the Coffee House for three months -- in that case she and Sarah will both be at H. H. and we could have a family reunion. If you can't come east I will of course try to see you, but don't you think that under the circumstances you ought to make [page 4] the effort. You musn't consider yourself prematurely old, think of the journeys Aunt Harriet made back and forth from Kansas City. With love to Marcet, always your loving sister --  Jane Addams