Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, July 14, 1915


July 14, 1915

Dear Lady:

Richard Harding Davis, Everett Wheeler and other knights of the pen are resenting your statement concerning the doping of the soldiers before bayonet charges. I believe you take the Times, but if you do not, I will save some of those clippings, in case you should feel inspired to answer.

Mr. Kellogg and I are calling together the group of social workers who met here, to take some action on your proposal. It seems to us that if the different sets of people all over the country did the same, it would be valuable.

Mrs. Benedict has wanted to create a committee to do this, and Paul Kellogg and I, after conferring about it, think it would be desirable to have a representative from each of the various peace and anti-militant and anti-armament leagues, societies, committees etc. to develop a plan for immediate and widespread publicity, to indicate the desire on the part of Americans to have the neutral nations get together.

Love to the dear folks with you.

Yours devotedly

Lillian D. Wald [signed]

Miss Jane Addams
Hull's Cove
Bar Harbor, Maine

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