James Ramsay MacDonald to Jane Addams, June 22, 1915


June 22nd. 1915.

Dear Miss Addams,

I may see you this afternoon but it is very doubtful if I can fit it in. I do not think that there was any harm in your talking as you did yesterday, although I was a little doubtful about the Suffragist lady and there were several questions I wanted to put to you which I did not.

Ratcliffe is a journalist and though I believe he would not give anything away, his presence curbed us rather.

Ponsonby and I are working closely together and you helped us enormously. Ponsonby dined last night with an important person in the Foreign Office and got information which I would like to give you privately. I shall try and see you before you go.

Yours very sincerely.

J Ramsay MacDonald [signed]

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