Laura Thompson Brayton and Ella Flagg Young to Jane Addams, September 21, 1915


My dear Miss Addams,

It seems to Mrs. Young and me as if we must tell you how happy we were to be sitting near you in the Auditorium, the evening of your return, and to realize that you were really here again safe and sound. For I must acknowledge that we had a strong feeling of protest, at first, against [page 2] the European trip because of the dangers we thought then would be for you on sea and on land. We could of course understand how you were ignoring any risks in trying to help us all -- directly and indirectly -- but we did not find it possible to do so, very calmly. However, when we read of the safe arrival of the vessel on the other side, we began to feel comforted.

There is no doubt in our minds that far reaching good has been accomplished and we are, with pride and of gratitude,

Faithfully yours,

Laura T. Brayton.

Hotel La Salle,
Chicago -- Sept. 21, 1915.

Dear [Miss] Addams, I wish to add my name to the we in [Miss] Brayton's note.

Sincerely yours,

Ella Flagg Young [signed]

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