Georgia D. Hawkins to Jane Addams, January 1911

Social Settlement
18 L. st S.W.

Dear Miss [Addams]

I have just finished reading your "Twenty Years in Hull House" which was kindly loaned me by Dr. Thomas [Jesse] Jones.

I can hardly express my appreciation of the book I am so full of it. It is wonderful. I am presuming to ask you if you will kindly present a copy to this, the colored social settlement of Washington? We are a [page 2] poor struggling band of toilers so greatly hampered by a need of money to carry on the work we have undertaken.

But you understand all about these privations.

Your book will be so helpful to all concerned in this work.

I am particularly grateful for the loan of it, as it settles some doubts we have had as to some forms of amusements which we wanted to introduce for the enjoyment of our young people and -- but I will not take up your time.

But I do want to tell you this, that I came here a few years ago from Chicago [page 3] where I have often heard you speak for our race in Bethel Church, and at down town halls, and other places so that when Dr. Jones one of the [Professors] of Hampton Institute a white Gentleman, asked me if I would like to read your book I was delighted.

Our head resident Miss Eloise Bibb was called to New Orleans to her Father's bedside, he is hopelessly ill but may linger for months. I am Mrs. Georgia D. Hawkins her friend and I am assisting at the Settlement in her absence and I am taking the liberty of asking <you> to give us a copy of your book. I have made this letter too long you will forgive me because you are "Kind Heart." 

Sincerely yours

Georgia D. Hawkins
Eighteen L St. South West

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