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Addams suggests possible employment for Alice Laing.

Schwimmer complains to Addams about the collapse of the Peace Ship and Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and her difficulties with the Fords and others.

Addams discusses her involvement with Henry Ford's Peace Ship and tells Schwimmer that she cannot intercede for her with Ford.

Lindsey asks Addams to meet his friend Winifred Bonfils, who is expected to visit Chicago soon.

Stewart complains of the poor state of education and asks Addams for a copy of her address to the National Educational Association.

Schneider writes Addams regarding his ideas about the needs of the Detention School, noting that they disagree with hers and asking for a meeting to discuss their differences.

Addams sends Blaine a letter she received from Oscar Schneider.

Addams provides Hope with information on starting a settlement.

Thomas is disappointed that Addams cannot speak to various colleges in the fall, but wishes her to speak for two weeks during the spring semester.

Jones asks Addams to stand in for him in his pulpit while he is away.

Brooks praises Addams' article on prostitution and then asks for assistance in relocating to Chicago to run her health business.

Bok asks Addams to revise an article submitted on religious education, asking her to edit it with an eye toward the appeal of a more general audience.

Waller asks Addams if she can use quotations and ideas from Twenty Years at Hull House for promoting social reform to the public in 1912.

Lovejoy asks Addams about the status of the Child Actor Bill pending in the Illinois legislature.

Addams declines Stewart's invitation to serve on a finance committee of another organization because of her own need to raise funds for Hull-House.

Addams and other executive members of the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit invite Fisher to join the General Committee in support of the event.

Whitney asks Addams to write an article for Collier's magazine about the need for departments of recreation in urban areas.

Sheldon writes Addams about meeting with her at Hull-House to discuss her work on an article about prostitution.

Palmer asks Addams to help her discover the true circumstances of an impoverished family member living in Chicago.

Monroe asks Addams to contribute an article about the social settlement as an educational institution to the Cyclopedia of Education.

M√ľnsterberg requests a signed copy of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Speranza sends Addams the subcommittee assignments for the work of the Committee on Crime and Immigration.

Duncan tells the story of the proprietor of a brothel, whom he has convinced to get out of the prostitution business, and asks Addams to help her.

Laing sends Addams her card and asks for her assistance in finding employment.

An unknown correspondent writes Addams about the moral dangers of child labor in the theater.

Toynbee writes Addams that she is reading Twenty Years at Hull-Housea second time and asks for help promoting her book in the United States.

Per a previous conversation with Addams, Seligman sends her contact information for three women he believes are doing the best work in Europe. He also suggests that Addams send each of them a copy of her November article in McClure's Magazine.

Addams provides Whitney a letter of recommendation for Helen Todd.

Brett asks Addams to permit a reprinting of cheap copies of The Spirit of Youth in the City Street to reach new audiences.

Brewster writes Addams again about a book on social settlements, which would have successful sales in England.
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