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Woods sends Addams lists of people and institutions in Asia who are associated with missionary and settlement work.

Woods asks Addams her opinion of a plan to study the usefulness of settlements.

Salisbury tells Addams that she does not believe that Albert Kennedy's plan to visit mid-western settlements will be of much value.

Salisbury tells Addams that the Mid-Western office of the National Federation of Settlements is closing its office but hopes to carry on its work.

Cooper talks to Addams about the future of the settlement movement and asks her to address the issue.

Barnett tells Addams about her travels and thanks her for her help setting up the trip.

Barnett thanks Addams for her help on the upcoming lecture tour and plans meeting.

Barnett writes Addams to discuss her upcoming lecture tour and visit to Hull-House.

Barnett apologizes to Addams for poor communication over her American tour.

Addams tells Barnett about new plans for her American speaking tour.

Addams sends Kennedy materials regarding Henrietta Barnett's proposed lecture tour.

Addams tells Barnett how disappointed she is in James Pond's handling of her lecture tour and promises to do her best to correct things.

Addams tells Kennedy about the reluctance of James Pond with regard to Henrietta Barnett's American tour.

Addams updates Barnett on difficulties with planning her American lecture tour.

Addams advises Barnett on the timing of her American tour and offers to help organize it.

Kellogg suggests changes for Addams article about Samuel Barnett.

Barnett writes Addams to thank her for her letter and accept her invitation to visit. Barnett also discusses her recent book.

Cheetham asks Addams to introduce Miss Harper to settlement work.

Taufflieb praises Addams's settlement work and explains that the French seek peace.

Woods updates Addams on new leadership at the National Federation of Settlements.

King informs Addams that Elise Richards is looking into settlement house work, and recommends that Addams accepts her to Hull-House.

Addams discusses the life of Samuel Barnett and Henrietta Barnett's book.
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Addams reminisces about Samuel and Henrietta Barnett and Toynbee Hall at the National Federation of Settlements Conference.

Addams recounts a story depicted in a children's play at Hull-House, which she offers as an allegory about the importance of women in society.

Addams discusses English settlement work at the Kenwood Evangelical Church.

Barnett sends Addams some notices (not found) about her husband.
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Addams discusses the association in the public eye between settlements and immigrants and when immigrants are involved in high profile crimes, settlements are accused of supporting anarchism. Addams defends the role of the settlement as the bridge between immigrant communities and the American public, holding that it does not change in times of crisis.
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Addams' speech on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the University Settlement about the growth of the settlement movement.

Addams recalls the different difficulties in creating an inviting and educational space for Italian immigrants.
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