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Knopf praises Addams' Twenty Years at Hull-House and sends her two copies of his essay on tuberculosis.

Marsh writes Addams that he is pleased to hear her work on Spirit of Youth and the City Streets is progressing well and is excited to hear that she will start her book on Hull-House soon after.

A religious journal review of Twenty Years at Hull-House, praising Jane Addams' work as wise and uplifting.

Potter praises Addams for Twenty Years at Hull-Houseand describes settlement work in China.

"M. McG." criticizes Hull-House for turning into a capitalist tool and expresses hope that it will find its way back to its early successes.

Wheeler writes Addams of his interest in Twenty Years at Hull Houseand of his happiness in seeing her in New York.

Shinn writes Addams that he and his family are enjoyingTwenty Years at Hull Houseand praises her for working to solve America's problems.

Waller asks Addams if she can use quotations and ideas from Twenty Years at Hull House for promoting social reform to the public in 1912.

Stead praises Twenty Years at Hull-House and informs Addams that he has reviewed the book for a publication and chosen her as one of the "greatest women" in the "new" world.

Crane-Gratz thanks Addams for sending her a copy of Twenty Years at Hull-Houseand praises her work and character.

M√ľnsterberg requests a signed copy of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

McLaughlin thanks Addams for agreeing to contribute to Cyclopedia of American Government and praises her books.

Addams thanks Brett for sending her an advancement of her royalties and mentions the potential plan for her new book.

Writing from India, Lathrop thanks Addams for sending an inscribed copy of Twenty Years at Hull-House and asks for news from America.

Brett thanks Addams for allowing Macmillan Company to sell Twenty Years at Hull House to the Chautauqua Circles.

Zueblin compliments Addams on Twenty Years at Hull-Houseand sends her greetings for the New Year.

Brett writes Addams to propose the idea of selling discounted copies of Twenty Years at Hull House through the Chautauqua Society. He also proposes a new book idea.

Marsh congratulates Addams on the rave review of Twenty Years at Hull HouseinThe Nation.

Marsh informs Addams that he is sending the consent for the translationofTwenty Years at Hull Houseinto German.

Hazenplug asks Addams if he can still purchase a special edition ofTwenty Years at Hull House.

A review article that includes excerpts of Addams'Twenty Years at Hull Houseand discusses her work at Hull-House and her contributions to Chicago.

Bennett sends Addams a good review of Twenty Years at Hull-House from the New York Evening Sun.

Marsh writes Addams about royalty rates related to a German translation ofTwenty Years at Hull-House.

Whitman thanks Addams for the inscribed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and reports that while she has not yet read it herself, she has heard nothing but praise from those who have.

Manny asks Addams to spend a Saturday evening at Hull-House.

Hutchinson thanks Addams for sending an autographed copy ofTwenty Years at Hull House and expresses her delight.

Butler thanks Addams for sending him an autographed copy ofTwenty Years at Hull House and sends his and the praises of others.

Addams thanks Taylor for his positive review ofTwenty Years at Hull HouseinThe Survey.

Woods writes Addams to praise her book, noting that will be an important part of settlement literature.

Richardson writes Addams to report that he and his sister are enjoying Twenty Years at Hull House they are fighting over their shared copy.
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