Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, June 2, 1909



June second
Nineteen hundred
and nine

My dear Miss Addams:

Thank you very much for your letter of May twenty-ninth with its generous words, and we will decide on the title "Why Women Should Vote".

I have now read your other article, on "The Bad Boy of the Street", and to me it is admirable. Of course, it is long, but I like so well everything you say that I don't want to omit any portion of the article. What I would like to do is to publish the first part of the article -- to the point where you indicated it might end, [page 2] under the title of "The Bad Boy of the Street", which would give you the article a very good length; then, take the remainder of the article and publish it as a separate short article. This would mean just a slight recasting of the phrasing of the article at one or two points, for instance, where you speak of the different divisions of the general topic. 

If you will let me do so I will take the article in hand, divide it as I see it in two, and send you the separate articles for approval. May I do this? I do not consider that the latter part of the article is too outspoken at all; as a matter of fact I am very glad to have you say [page 3] what do you say.

Believe me

Very sincerely yours,
Edward Bok [signed]

Miss Jane Addams

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