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Addams tells Jacobs about her illness and surgery in Japan and describes the effects of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Hummeland informs Addams that Hull House is a beneficiary of Charles F. Kimball's estate and asks for information.

Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Addams thanks Coolidge for her donation to the Fresh Air Fund.

Addams requests a donation from Sprague to support Hull-House's summer children's camp.

Dewey sends an invitation to Carnegie, Addams and others to join the National Council of the Committee on National Aid to Education.

Addams tells Hoover that she will give an address on food conservation.
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Addams suggests contacting Kellogg for a list of the numbers of The Survey. She also suggests that Pinchot can look at Twenty Years at Hull House to get a sense of her Survey articles.

Addams discusses the Woman's Peace Party and the conflicting pulls on her life.

Schwartz tells Addams about his work with citizenship classes in Chicago public schools and commends her for her neutral political stance.

Addams tells Jacobs that she is still too ill to travel and discusses options for holding a meeting of the International Congress of Women for a Permanent Peace.

Addams hopes to see Lindsey soon and commiserates about the difficulty of finding a way to help on the home front.

Gale tells Addams that she won't be able to make the Woman's Peace Party meeting in Philadelphia and regrets not being able to see Addams.

Addams thanks Steiner for his Christmas message and wishes him happy holidays.

Stewart updates Addams on the recent endorsement of the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Post requests for Karsten to update her on Addams' plans for the executive meeting.

Mead requests Addams advice on a new resolution and organization of several peace groups. Mead also shares her opinion about representatives in Congress.

Eastman describes new organizational changes to the American Union and requests a meeting with Addams before the upcoming Woman's Peace Party meeting in Philadelphia.

Gorham sends Addams a news clipping and wishes her good health.

Van Winkle asks Addams to speak at a meeting at Cornell University during Farmer's Week.

Addams tells Lane that she cannot appear at a peace meeting for the New York Branch of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams discusses appointing Ruth Williams to the Woman's Peace Party Board and agrees to meet with the board in New York in January.

Addams tells Van Winkle that she will donate past expenses incurred in speaking for the Food Administration and will keep better records going forward.

Addams reminds Blaine to make her yearly contribution to Hull House.

Karsten tells Van Winkle that Addams did not save her travel receipts, but hopes that the expenses can still be covered.

Winslow praises Addams for her work as the leader of the peace movement.

Jacobs and Manus wish Addams happy holidays and good health.

Post updates Addams on the list of speakers for the Woman's Peace Party annual meeting.
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