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Bok thanks Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War, claiming her words on Wilson were heartrending to his friends.

Bok makes recommendations for Addams' article which he wants to put in Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok thanks Addams for editing his interview with her, and congratulates her on the International Council of Women's promise.

Bok's questions for a series of interviews with Jane Addams and other prominent women are intended to find an explanation for women's "unrest" and the factors that have led to their discontent.

Bok asks Addams to write an article on "The Idleness of the Suburban Woman."

Bok responds to Kellor's offer to write an article about the Progressive Party Platform aimed at housewives, noting that he has already spoken to Addams about an article along the same lines.

Bok describes possible articles Addams can write for the Ladies' Home Journal.

Bok writes Addams about a publishing a version of a series of articles she prepared for the Progressive Party campaign.

Bok congratulates Addams on her article "The Bad Boy of the Street" and tells her he wishes to publish it in two parts, but that it will require some editing.
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