Harriet Park Thomas to Clara Jane Bryant Ford, December 9, 1915


My dear Mrs. Ford:

Miss Addams was much touched and gratified yesterday at receiving this wireless from the Oscar II, “We love you, we respect you, we miss you, we expect you”. It was signed by the members of the peace expedition, the list being headed by the names of Mr. Ford and Madame Schwimmer.

[Today] she received a second message asking for news of her condition. She had asked me to write you something about this and now she asks that in sending a wireless to Mr. Ford, which you probably do frequently, you will include the announcement that she is improving.

I will tell you somewhat intimately the details of her condition, and you can include as much of it as you think best in the message you send. Miss Addams is running a slight temperature daily which the doctors say is characteristic of a pus infection and also of tuberculosis. There is a constant appearance of pus in the urine and the diagnosis now seems reduced to either an infection of the kidney or tuberculosis of the kidney. Of course we all hope that it is the former which can be cleared up, although it means a great drain on her vitality. The doctors say that some of the symptoms indicate the other trouble, but they are going slowly and will not give out a diagnosis until they have exhausted all the tests.

I see Miss Addams every day and she is habitually cheerful. She hopes to join the peace expedition later, but, of course, cannot make any definite plans as yet. I think she would like to have you tell them in your message that she is still hoping to go later.

It was a great pleasure to me to meet you in New York. I hope your furniture collecting has gone on satisfactorily. I felt that it was most timely and fortunate that you should have the delightful interest of moving into your new home just at this junction.

This morning I spoke to the Chicago Branch of the Woman’s Peace Party and gave my impressions of the expedition, describing the leaving of the boat. Many of the ladies expressed their gratification of having [heard] [page 2] my version which was so unlike the very sensational reports in the newspapers. I enclose a clipping, -- this is a little interview I gave out to the newspapers here upon my return last Sunday. They did not publish all I said but I am glad to see that the spirit of it was not gobbled.

Miss Addams asks me to send you her very warm regards.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Secretary.

Mrs. Henry Ford,
Hotel Biltmore,
New York City.